01Sean Muliro

I am a driven designer with a passion for discovering meaningful solutions to fundamental problems. As rapid data growth continues, I aim to organize and drive usefulness. My mission is to improve the human experience by providing the world with tactful tools, lending themselves to all who seek them.

My mothers diagnosis of multiple sclerosis has led to an important shift in the way I understand and approach solving problems. I have found that it is extremely beneficial to have proximity; to take the time to observe and listen so that I can understand the problems which I’m trying to solve as they are experienced by the people I’m trying to serve.

My family and closest friends have called me by my middle name, Kuloba (Ku-Lo-Buh) for my entire life, it is deeply rooted in my personal identity. I am currently based in Seattle.

Creative Fields

User Experience Design

Graphic Design

Frontend Dev.

Information Architecture

Transmedia Storytelling

Product Development

Industrial Design






02Worked for/with

Chesmore Buck Architecture

Four Seasons

Breaking Bread Hospitality Group

Hampton Yacht Group


Northwest Yacht Brokers Association


Blue Dolphin Charters

Aqua Hotels

University of Hawaii

Innovations Development Group

Traveler Media

THEORY :: A Branding & Experience Design Agency

ADAM Creative Experiences